Rhine Freight Services W.L.L
Established in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to offer Freight Forwarding and Logistics services to all our local and foreign partners whom are looking for excellent service and daily follow up by us ensuring that their shipments arrive or depart their warehouses as scheduled with a problem free operation
Our Experience
Goes back from the eighties when Aqaba ports were used by the Iraqi Importers and Exporters as Transit point to all their cargo coming in or exported out of Iraq.
Jordan is still able to maintain Aqaba Port importance all these years. Plans have been laid down for Aqaba port Expansion adding new specialized Berths and modernizing the Documentation and Customs Clearance Formalities Process.
This Development Trend
is spread all over Jordanian cities due to activating new laws and regulations pertaining to all sectors of live, despite the turmoil around us and the increasing Refugee movement towards Jordan whom is hosting more than 1 Million Syrian Refugees effecting negatively our basic sources such as Water, electricity and other sectors.
In the middle of all these indicators, we are optimistic towards the future since Jordan had played a vital role in transit movements in the past and will play the same role in the future. When such moment comes Rhine Freight Services will be your faithful partner in Jordan assisting you in your present and future needs ensuring that you will be part of such ambitious future.
We are ready 24/7/365 to attend to all your requests whatever it will be in an aim to help you securing new business and develop your old ones

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